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 We do not sell a "Universal Ink" All of our inks are developed for your specific cartridges and our inventory of different inks is well over 100.   Some black  cartridges use or have as an option  Pigmented" ink.

Ink Jet Specialties is a company dedicated to providing you with high quality ink jet printer inks and cleaning fluids. This includes inks for refills, compatible cartridges, and wide format . Our principal suppliers have ink formulation chemist with over twenty years experience in the development of ink jet inks, allowing us to provide timely, innovative, reliable, safe and cost effective solutions specifically designed to meet your ink needs.

Their emphasis on quality and reliability starts with the selection of high-grade raw materials that have been tested for compatibility with printer and cartridge materials, including foam in compatible cartridges. All of their products are put through an extensive series of print and storage stability tests prior to manufacture. Sub-micron filtration during the manufacture of our inks assures long print head life and clog-fee printing. A battery of quality/control tests is performed on each lot of ink, prior to shipment to guarantee that only the finest product leaves their factory.

Careful attention to selection and matching of colorants and ink vehicle components, innovative, flexible development capabilities. Efficient manufacturing and extensive quality assurance allow us to provide safe, reliable inks with excellent color and print quality for cost effective refill, compatible cartridge, and specially developed products.
Syringes and tools are not included with any of our bulk inks. If you need any of these items, click on Refilling Accessories

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