At Ink Jet Specialties, Inc. , we've done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at (530) 243-4ink or


Q.) Do you fix printers?
A.) No, it is much cheaper to buy a new one, and if you are near our Redding,
Location. Stop on by we have $25 used printers.

Q.) Why should we do business with Ink Jet Specialties, Inc.?
A.) We are well experienced in cartridge refill technology. We use premium grade inks. These products give us a high grade and consistent product fully backed by our support and service. We will save you money and save the environment as well. We fully guarantee our refills.

Q.) Is there any reduction in the print quality?
A.) There should be no change in quality using inks specially formulated for use in your printer.
For more information on the above subject see Our Guarantee page


Q.) Will using refilled cartridges void the manufacturer's warranty?
A.) The manufacturers will always advise you against refilling. This is because:-
(a) they genuinely worry that inferior inks will clog the print-heads and possibly cause damage to the printer.
(b) Ink jet supplies are very profitable for the manufacturers and they will try to scare you into using their product.
For more information on the above subject see the Magnuson-Moss Act.


Q.) What payment methods can I use while purchasing on your web site, or at your local store?
A.) We accept, Visa. Master card as well as American Express and Discover/ novus,  Thirty Days same as cash.

Q.) Does Ink Jet Specialties offer 30 day accounts?
A.)  Yes we do offer them, just speak with Ed or Kurt,


Q.) Do you refill toner cartridges?
A.) No, not at this time.

Q.) Why don't you refill Brother, Epson, Or most Canon cartridges?
A.) Our compatible cartridges are lower in price than a refill.

Q.) Are your inks as good as the original inks?
A.) We use high performance inks that have exactly the same chemical and physical properties as the original inks. We continually strive to source inks that are as close as possible to the originally manufactured product. Our inks are specially formulated for your printer, and there is different ink for almost every cartridge. We try to use inks that have cleaning agents that prevent the print-heads clogging. We also strive to use inks that color matches the original colors.

Q.) How many times can a cartridge be refilled?
A.) This is variable depending upon the type of cartridge you have, and how well you look after it. For example, we have seen evidence of our cartridges being refilled many times. It seems a color always runs out before the others, and if you continue to print, the heat resistors in the print-head will burn out

Q.) Do you sell Dell brand cartridges?
A.) Yes,  we sell remanufactured compatible Dell cartridges. and most of them are able to refilled

Q.)  What is the difference bewteen Remanufactured, Compatible and High Yield?
A.)  Remanufactured  : The items come with either a qualified OEM drum or new drum.
Compatible :  This item is equivalent to OEM in yeild and performance.
High Yield: This item is drum/toner combination and increased toner loads results in exceptional yields.


Q.) Why should I recycle or refill my cartridges?
A.) As well as being environmentally responsible, recycling cartridges also creates jobs.

Q.) What's the difference between a standard cartridge and a XL cartridge?
A.) Typically a Regular Cartridge is about 9 ml, and the XL is just like adding another once to the cartridge.

Q.) Why can't you fill all of my HP 88 cartridges?
A.) Normally we can do it no problem, But on the rare occasion the expiration date has already passed,.
and typically that means the cartridge wont print anymore.

Q.) How does recycling my empty ink cartridges help the environment?
A.) Empty printer ink cartridges are non-biodegradable products. This means that if these cartridges end up in a landfill, they will just sit there for years and years without decaying.

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